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Craig Mastantuono Aug. 31, 2017

Today on Sherwin Hughes' morning show, The Voice, on 860 AM, Craig took calls asking about police-citizen encounters. he promised listeners that he would repost this outline on the limits of warrantless actions by police, titled Can They Do That?; the content also appears below.

Also, racial disparities in law enforcement and in the criminal justice system were discussed. Craig promised listeners that he would repost our firm's four-part series on race and criminal justice in Wisconsin, which available through the links below. Ironically, we titled the first part of the series Black Life is Cheaper before the crisis in Ferguson, MO, which gave rise to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Of course, our title was a rhetorical one meant to draw attention to the issue of disparate treatment of African American people in the criminal justice system. 

Part One: The Problem

Part Two: We Don't Talk About This

Part Three: Black Life is Cheaper

Part Four: Behind the Learning Curve