Recently, Craig Mastantuono and Rebecca Coffee provided outstanding guidance and advice during one of the most trying times in my life. Their detailed focus on obtaining all of the relevant facts, along with their knowledge of how to prepare for a Jury Trial was exceptional. The entire team at the firm were fully engrossed in our case as well as our well-being. Craig took the critical steps necessary to understand each exact point about the case, and ensured that no matter how small, each component of the case, whether it was evidence, arguments, timelines were considered and presented at the trial in a very comprehensive fashion. His ability to simplify the complex elements of the process were best in class. 

With most attorneys, you may only speak with them infrequently during the pre-trial process. However, with Craig he was readily available to discuss information and provide good counsel on the best path forward. 

During the trial, I witnessed outstanding professionalism and respect for each party. Craig was the most prepared attorney that I have ever worked with and his preparation truly shined at the onset of the trial during the jury selection process. Upon the 30+ members of the jury introducing themselves as part of the selection process, Craig was able to respond to each one specifically by their first name to show that he was truly paying attention to their reasons for being their as well as to sort out their biases and conflicts of interest. What an amazing feat to witness prior to going into a trial. Craig was focused and locked in! 

During the trial, Craig and team were flawless. They spotted every attempt that the prosecutor tried to use to put us in a bad position, and responded swiftly and effectively to negate any false testimony. 

Additionally, Craig provided support and guidance, which was extremely helpful to us as we were fighting for our literal lives and Craig helped us to stay focused and at ease as he tightly held the entire process in his skillful hands. I cannot say enough about Craig Mastantuono and team. If you need help, they are the best of the best! Thank you for everything that you have done for us!


Intelligent, Efficient, Effective: I highly recommend Lawyer Rebecca Coffee. Rebecca Coffee is an excellent attorney whom I highly recommend. She did a tremendous job from start to finish with my case. She is an excellent communicator who kept me well informed, took time to help me understand my case along with my options, and, once she clearly understood what I wanted, she did an amazing job of making that happen!”

-Confidential Client

Attorney Coffee put me at ease regarding my case and the stress and tension one feels facing a legal proceeding. She was clear, professional, and it was evident during our first meeting that she had a grasp on defending clients with legal knowledge and communication ’know-how.’ Ultimately, I received the best possible outcome with her attorney Coffee’s leadership and guidance. I offer this opinion to anyone seeking the best defense possible in the Milwaukee area.

-Confidential Client

Phenomenal representation!... Mrs. Thomas was diligent, compassionate and professional in my plight for justice. We took the case through the full blown trial process by means of 12 jurors, which in the end, I was found NOT GUILTY, and in no small part to Mrs Thomas’ capabilities as a Trial Lawyer!


Highly recommended attorney. Craig Mastantuono was the attorney for my husband's case. He fought for almost two years on the case. During this time, I was due to give birth to our son. Craig did everything he could to ensure my husband would be there for the delivery. Not only was my husband there for the birth of our son but also for his first birthday. His compassion for our situation meant the world to us. Craig is very experienced and well liked in the community, which he uses to his advantage. He is easy to speak to and willing to go above and beyond to fight for his clients. Overall, we were very pleased with the outcome of the case and the experience we had working with Craig. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.

-Confidential Client

Outstanding Criminal Defense Lawyer: Our family met Craig due to an emergency and we felt confident from the first meeting. He immediately made time for us and explained the legalities thoroughly with compassion. Craig met us again the following day in court, and never left our side. We always felt secure due to his presence and excellent communication not only with us, his clients, but with the DA, judge, judicial system. Throughout the past year of the probation period, Craig continued to be very prompt in answering our inquiries. We have now completed the process and Craig got us the best possible outcome – probation & expungement. I would recommend Craig – a HIGHLY skilled professional lawyer who will fight for you!!!

-Confidential Client

Great Service and Resolution for Waukesha County Case: Craig is not only professionally capable but personable which made working with him enjoyable given my first exposure with the law. From my first contact time with him, he was compassionate while listening and asking intelligent questions to fully understand my situation. He worked diligently contacting the DA to prevent charges from being brought against me in Waukesha County. I could not have asked for more and I am thrilled with him resolving my case without charges! He did a great job keeping me at ease by good communication and quick responses throughout the process. I couldn’t have asked for more in a defense attorney. I highly recommend Craig!

-Confidential Client

Best of the Best! I was refered to my lawyer Craig Mastantuono by another top notch lawyer who happened to be moving out of town at the time of my case. I was skeptical at first even though I had heard all about Craig as a high profile lawyer from other clients, im the type that prefers a lawyer that has time for there clients. With Craig i always had that open communication and I never felt left in the dark, the knowledge and sense of experience that you feel as a client is priceless. I definately recommend Mastantuono law firm and still choose them for any legal counsel.

-Confidential Client

I was arrested in a bar dispute and my parents quickly did a web search on Milwaukee Criminal Defense attorneys. They broke a list down to a final two and decided on Craig Mastantuono. Thanks to the extensive positive reviews on him, my parents knew Craig would make this difficult situation a breeze. He appeared in the jail the next day and told me exactly what to expect and how I should best prepare myself to get through the difficult time. He got me out of jail without having to pay any sort of bond/bail. We had a few different court dates and Craig was able to get a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in place, which was to bring my felony charge down to a misdemeanor charge at the worst with the possibility of it getting expunged altogether. The agreement was to ultimately complete non-for-profit service hours, do not get in trouble, and wait 6 months. While at the final court date, Craig spoke highly and truthfully of me to the Judge and was able to help me get the charge expunged. I had to pay small court fees and Craig is getting the court file and finger prints out of the system. Throughout the period of working together, Craig has been very responsive to phone calls and emails and is always willing to answer any questions. Craig and his staff are some of the greatest people whom I have had the pleasure to work with. With the comfort he built along the way, I would highly recommend Craig to any family facing a difficult situation!

-Confidential Client

I want to write this review to thank Attorney Leah Thomas for all her hard work and dedication and most importantly her patience with me. I was being accused of possible fraud that jeopardized my career. I knew in heart that this was not the situation. I was determined to find an attorney that I could trust and that would also believe in me and that’s exactly what I found when I met Attorney Leah Thomas. Initially I called several lawyers throughout the Wisconsin area and two lawyers referred me directly to her office. I was stunned and said I have to meet with this lawyer as she came highly recommended in the community. After my first meeting with Attorney Thomas I knew that I had to pay the retainer fees and get this going. I did not have any time to waste. At this point I was very emotional and she knew this and took her time asking me questions. As things progressed I did not always understand what direction we were taking and she made it clear from day one that all the decisions would ultimately come from me she would advise on the best route to take and I listened and it was a long road ahead and she prevailed and it happened in my best interest. All charges were dropped and I am back to work. I want to thank her for spending time on my case and giving me the much needed attention and advice to get me to the next level. If you are in need an attorney look no further she is truly the BEST in the BUSINESS. She came highly recommended and she is a woman of Integrity and will work countless hours to assist you in your time of distress.

-Confidential Client

Excellect Professional Lawyer: Craig is very knowledgeable from the very first time I called his office, recognized the judge and DA that had my case. He was able to contact an old friend from the DA office and they dropped one of my charges. I was very pleased with his work on the day of my court. He is definatly a people person and seems to know a lot of people in his field. I highly recommend him if anyone is ever in need of an attorney. Craig thanks again.

-Confidential Client

I found Craig Mastantuono by searching Top 10 Lawyers. When I called, his receptionist Sheila was so friendly and patient I knew I was in the right hands. From the first time I met with Attorney Mastantuono I was treated respectfully and like a real person, not just a client. He was magnificent in court and was so swift with his words. He kept us informed the entire time. There was never an email, or phone call that was not answered. His staff is amazing and was always providing amazing service. Craig is beast in the courtroom. He is reputable in the community and respected as an amazing lawyer. He achieved an outcome that my family never dreamed was possible. After court, the Sheriff who was present during the hearing came out to shake Craig's hand and told us we had an amazing lawyer! Even he could not believe the end result that Craig was able to achieve. He is professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, aggressive, but most of all, he was HONEST! He never led us to believe a fairytale ending was possible, he never lied, and he walked the road with us the entire time. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND MASTANTUONO LAW FIRM TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY, AND REPUTABLE REPRESENTATION! I cannot thank him enough. He will never really know what he did for my family. Some lawyers look at clients as a pay check, but Craig Mastantuono is definitely a different kind of lawyer!

-Confidential Client

Determined Lawyer! Mrs. Thomas showed determination and the willingness to listen to her clients. Mrs Thomas gathers her information and seeks the truth in the matter at hand. Mrs Thomas is truly there for her clients. Thank you for fighting for us!


4th DUI/OWI Best Lawyer Ever…..Craig Mastantuono did an outstanding job with my case, he had fought for me up until the last minute of my hearing and got me a below state minimum sentence. I would refer Mr. Mastantuono and his associates to anyone looking for a great criminal lawyer. His firm was very informative and easy to get in contact with if I had a question. Hopefully I won't need to use him again, but if I need a lawyer again Mastantuono & Coffee will be my choice. Thank you for a great job representing me.


Mastantuono & Coffee office is very respected, experienced and live up to their reputation by delivering what they promised to their client; this was evidenced when our loved one was in trouble and transferred from California to Wisconsin. We relied on the Law of Mastantuono whom assured us that our loved would be okay as they would give him the best representation, it was hard to be assured since we did not know anyone in the firm except by phone; we entrusted our loved one into their hands. They worked hard and kept us informed step by step along the way until the case was successfully resolved. Their services are excellent, exceptional, experienced and would recommend them to anyone seeking legal services.

-Confidential Client

Mastantuono [& Coffee] is very respected, and trustable. They have many notable accolades. Their services are unique, and as a citizen in need, you can tell that they truly dedicate themselves to your problems; while striving to give you the best possible outcomes. Being in a courtroom setting is not an easy thing, and it is very important and helpful to know that you have experts at your side.

-Confidential Client

Thank you so much Attorney Craig Mastantuono. You are such a "life saver". All I can say is thank you for taking such a strategic but yet aggressive approach to my case and winning it. I would recommend you and your whole firm to anyone that is looking for intelligent attorneys who use the best strategies with knowledge and assertiveness to make things walk out of that courtroom to your needs and wants go with Craig Mastantuono and his firm of dedicated lawyers. He beat my criminal defense matter and got me more than what I expected for the good. 5 star firm in my books.

-Confidential Client

Rebecca Coffee is a professional Lawyer and was always attentive during our cases. I never felt brushed off or my word wasn't good. I would recommend Rebecca without a doubt.

-Confidential Client

Best Attorney Hands Down. Rebecca is extremely professional and I could have never made a better choice in choosing an attorney to represent me! I was facing a facing a felony charge and with her help, it was dismissed.

-Confidential Client

My experience with Attorney Leah Thomas representing me was nothing shy of delightfulness and success. She is very humble, talented, patient, thorough, and informative. Her communication and follow-up was excellent. Through my entire case she consistently laid out all options for me and never once let me feel boxed in to a corner having to pick one option over others. She always let me be in the drivers seat as to how I'd like my case to proceed. Her relentless efforts resulted in achieving my desired results. I would certainly recommend her. Should I need legal representation again in Wisconsin Attorney Thomas will definitely be my first phone call.

-Confidential Client

In 2013, police accused my family member of an offense. The allegations were false and malicious. Although "paying the fines" would have been far less expensive we were not willing to concede. We met with Leah and she gave us an honest (and accurate) forecast of the possible outcomes and fees. Leah filed several motions on our behalf and made it clear during several hearings that she was prepared to defend our constitutional rights at trial. On the day of trial, the prosecutor dismissed the charges. We appreciate Leah's near immediate communication and her grounded approach.

-Confidential Client

Craig Mastantuono did an outstanding job with my case, he had fought for me up until the last minute of my hearing and got me a below state minimum sentence. I would refer Mr. Mastantuono and his associates to anyone looking for a great criminal lawyer. His firm was very informative and easy to get in contact with if I had a question. Hopefully I won't need to use him again, but if I need a lawyer again Mastantuono & Coffee will be my choice. Thank you for a great job representing me.

-Confidential Client

Above & Beyond. A defense attorney who actually defends you! Not like other attorneys who waste time & keep you in the dark until the last minutes before court. With attorney Thomas representing you it's easy to relax knowing everything that can be done for you is being done!"

-Confidential Client

We were referred to Attorney Coffee from another lawyer. We found Ms. Coffee to be very helpful. She listened to our situation and went right to work on getting the best outcome for us. Ms. Coffee was open and honest with us. We appreciated how thorough she was in her investigating and always kept us updated on the case. We would highly recommend Ms. Coffee.

-Confidential Client

I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Craig on several cases as well as sent many of my clients his way. All of my clients have been thrilled with his work ethic and compassion. I highly recommend that if you or a loved one needs help in a serious criminal case that you call Craig. I am a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago and feel very lucky to have a lawyer like Craig to send clients to if they have a problem in Wisconsin.

-Attorney Michael A. Johnson, Michael A. Johnson & Associates, Chicago, IL

It has been a pleasure working with Craig Mastantuono on cases involving the criminal justice system. I've found that he has been professional, attentive, and insightful about his clients' needs. These qualities, along with his determination, provide the framework to benefit his clients' personal situations. I've also appreciated Attorney Mastantuono's straightforward, collaborative approach. He is an expert who will provide qualified help when dealing with the most difficult legal situations.

-Anne Huebner, Ph. D., Psychologist, Anne Huebner & Associates, Brookfield

Great caring lawyers.

-Attorney Mark L. Thomsen, Canon & Dunphy

Mastantuono and Coffee has not lost a single case on which our organization assisted by providing legal defense funds for their services.

- Christopher A. Conte, Litigation Counsel, NRA, Institute for Legislative Action.

I recently hired Leah Thomas to help in a case regarding a restraining order that was filed against me. In the time of dealing with her, she handled herself in a professional manner. She took the time to research evidence I provided as well as witnesses to the case. She gave me nothing but confidence that the injunction would get dismissed. She was always friendly and provided answers to the many questions I had. The injunction was dismissed, and I feel as if Leah was a significant reason as to why. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the area!

-Billy Schulz

Highly Recommended. Rebecca assisted our family with an unfortunate situation. Professional, strong yet kind and caring are few words that I would used to describe her. Communication consistently happened even if it had to be by email. There are just not enough words to express our gratitude for everything she did for our family.


Rebecca Coffee was able to get my case dismissed. I am sincerely grateful for her hard work on my case.


We wanted to express our gratitude to Attorney Rebecca Coffee. In the most trying and devastating of circumstances, you were strong. Although the situation was serious and stressful she always had things under control. Making herself available via phone or email she answered all of our questions. Our fears were put to ease when she took the time to explain our options. At times we did want to hear the consequences that we were facing but she was always honest. Focused, determined and dedicated to achieve the best results for my brother. I also wanted to recognize Claudia Garcia. Having her fantastic customer service during our office visits made us feel welcome. My family will always be forever grateful

-Renee Bielinski

Craig and his team helped me with a legal matter from about a decade prior. He was professional, courteous, and worked diligently to assist me through a tricky matter. He and his team worked tirelessly to help me get a resolution and communicated with me almost daily. I would come back to Craig and his team if I ever had a need again without hesitation.

-Albert Dobyn

Craig is amazing. He met with us, looked over our case, and was able to answer all of our questions and guide us in the right direction of what our next steps should be. He's an upstanding and sincere individual and it was obvious that he just wants to help. Highly recommend.

-Emily White

In the spring of 2016 I ran into an OWI. I searched the Internet looking for quality representation and came across cross Mastantuono and Coffee SC. At my free consultation Rebecca accepted my case. She expressed great concern and eagerness towards my situation. Her promptness, intelligence and honesty reassured me throughout my case. Rebecca was on time for every meeting and court date. Any email or phone call I sent was answered immediately or within a reasonable amount of time. The intelligence shown in the courtroom was above and beyond. I felt she was a step ahead of everyone. Ms. Coffee stuck to the law and fought hard for me. Do to a miss judgement I lost my case; however, Rebecca set me up for a great appeals case to fight. After the courts decision Rebecca told me that appeals cases were not her area of expertise. She directed me to a law firm that was willing to take my case with intensity. I believe that was very honest of her as well as giving me possible outcomes for my situation. In court I felt, heard and saw the respect given to Ms. Coffee from her peers. Acknowledging Rebecca's promptness, intelligence and honesty reassured me that I made the right decision.


I hired Leah to be my attorney for my first OWI offense based off a referral from someone else, and it was a fantastic referral. Leah was incredibly professional, engaging and personable when I first met with her about my case, which gave me full confidence that I could trust her to lead me in the right direction, regardless of outcome. I was, maybe rightfully so, intimidated heading into her office for the first time, as I had never been in this kind of trouble before; but, from the minute we began talking, all intimidation had gone out the door and it was nothing but comfort because she gave off a conversational and friendly persona.

Leah made no promises to me about whether she envisioned my case being dropped or not, but she did guarantee that she would gather as much information as possible to give me the best chance of winning my case. She kept me informed throughout the entire process, whether it was minor hearings, new information she had gathered or the next direction she thought we should pursue. There was never a moment of doubt for me that my case was absolutely in the best hands, and that regardless of the outcome it was time/money well invested in hiring Leah. I would highly recommend Leah to anyone who is looking to exhaust all options and know that they are involved every step of the way but the responsibility is taken out of her hands. Working with Leah was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders knowing that she was taking care of everything and working her hardest to get me the best possible result. I would have nothing but good to say about working with Leah for anyone who asked, and she is certainly the one you should be reaching out to if in a similar situation.

-Confidential Client

Leah is an excellent attorney she doesn't give false hope she tells all outcomes and possibilities of the case she talks so that you can understand what is being done and keeps you very well informed throughout the case I used her services twice and if there is any more I would definitely hire her again.


Professional, Reliable and Family Oriented. Attorney Leah Thomas was hired to represent my son in a criminal matter this past summer. She is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my family's best interests in mind. She was honest, professional and always available for questions. Leah kept me informed on updates in the case or changes within the law. I always felt like my son was in very good hands. She never missed a scheduled meeting or phone call and always showed up with a friendly smile and positive outlook on things. What I especially liked about Leah was her ability to remain calm in high energy or intense situations. I would recommend Attorney Thomas to friends and family without a second thought.