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Facing a federal offense can be a challenging and intimidating experience with lifelong consequences for someone who is convicted. If you have been indicted with a federal offense in the District Courts of Wisconsin, you need an experienced attorney. Whether you are charged with a white collar crime involving theft or embezzlement, or a drug conspiracy, do not take anything for granted. The federal government and its prosecutors have vast resources and investigating agencies such as the FBI to assist in prosecuting people they think are guilty of a federal crime. You need a law office with the resources and experience to step in between you and the government, stabilize your situation, and fight on your behalf.


The attorneys at Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas have defended all types of federal charges, such as drug conspiracy, bank robbery, wire and mail fraud, unlawful reentry, and RICO/racketeering. We have had charges dismissed, negotiated favorable outcomes, and taken cases to jury trial in federal court. We are well-known to federal prosecutors and judges throughout Wisconsin, and our work is respected.

Sentences handed out in federal court are governed by the United States Sentencing Guidelines. These guidelines, formerly mandatory, provide a suggested sentence to the court based on offense severity, a defendant’s criminal history, and a variety of other factors for anyone convicted of a federal crime. The sentencing guidelines are complex and can be cumbersome, and it takes experience to steer a client’s case through them. They loom over many aspects of a federal case, affecting plea discussions, pretrial motions, and the decision whether to go to trial. Our experience in this area has resulted in a good working familiarity with the Guidelines and how to use them to gain advantages for our clients. 

Federal cases also are marked by lengthy proceedings involving many different players in a wide variety of agencies. Our attorneys know how to get clients through this process, argue against pre-trial detention, monitor release, and challenge the government’s case. Our litigation experience in federal court is extensive. Often, as most people know, the government does not get it right. If that happens to you, you’ll need a lawyer with the experience and expertise to catch it, and expose the mistake. The attorneys at Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas have that experience and expertise and can help you through this situation.


  • Drug Conspiracy

  • Bank Fraud

  • Wire Fraud

  • Loan Fraud

  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations

  • Computer Hacking

  • Property Forfeiture

  • Unlawful Re-Entry into the US