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Sex crimes in Wisconsin are serious charges and carry severe penalties upon conviction. A person charged with a sex-related offense faces grave and potentially life-changing repercussions. Clients who call us as a result of a sex crime charge often have questions like the following:

  • Can I be charged with a crime based on what someone says?

  • Is DNA or physical evidence required in order to be charged with rape?    

  • If I am convicted, will I have to register as a sex offender?

  • Can I be charged with something that happened many years ago?

  • What is the Wisconsin statute of limitations for sexual assault?

  • What is sex offender treatment and probation?

  • What is child pornography?

  • Can I be charged with a crime for looking at pornographic images on my computer?


At Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas, our experience in sexual assault cases and sex-related offenses has given us the expertise necessary to guide our clients through these very difficult and emotionally taxing accusations. We work with the top treatment and forensic evaluators in this field, and we know how to challenge a biased investigation or expose a lying witness.

The attorneys at Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas have taken sexual assault and other sex crime cases to trial, achieving not guilty verdicts, have gotten these cases dismissed through investigation and trial preparation, and have negotiated deals that allow our clients to receive treatment and move forward without being branded a registered sex offender.

There is no such thing as a minor or easy sexual crime case in Wisconsin. If you or a loved one faces this terrible situation, you need experienced and aggressive representation. At Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas, that’s exactly what you will get.


Dismissal of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child charge following acquittal at jury trial. Mastantuono & Coffee client falsely accused of inappropriately touching his adoptive son, a special needs child with mental health issues and cognitive delays. Jury returned a not guilty verdict following five days of testimony during which the defense challenged a biased and flawed investigation, and suggestive interview tactics by State child forensic interviewers. Milwaukee County, 2016.

Dismissal of Second Degree Sexual Assault charge following acquittal at jury trial. Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas client accused of forcible rape during business conference. Jury returned a not guilty verdict after three days of trial, at which the defense successfully demonstrated that a consensual encounter had occurred, and that the complaining witness did not testify truthfully. Milwaukee County, 2015.

Dismissal of 5 counts of Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child following acquittal at jury trial. Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas client accused by his step-daughter of repeated sexual assault occurring many years prior. Client acquitted at jury trial, which involved intense investigation and use of DNA experts after a week-long jury trial. Milwaukee County, 2011.

Dismissal of Attempt Sexual Assault & False Imprisonment charges following acquittal at jury trial. Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas client charged with multiple felonies for accusation by babysitter. Evidentiary motions litigated before Wisconsin Supreme Court, resulting in favorable ruling for client. Following a week-long jury trial, client acquitted on all charges. Sheboygan County, 2012.


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Types of Sex Crime cases:

  • Sexual Assault

  • Date Rape

  • Statutory Rape

  • Sexual Assault of a Child

  • Failure to Register as Sex Offender

  • Indecent Exposure

  • Lewd and Lascivious Behavior

  • Possession of Child Pornography

  • Prostitution

  • Sex Offender Probation

  • Mandatory Sex Offender Treatment