Wisconsin Crime & Justice

Defending People in the Heartland of America

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Wisconsin locks up too many people when better options exist. The untold human cost and fiscal expense of this will eat at the civic soul and vitality of our community if left unchecked.

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Craig is presenting today at the 2019 State Public Defender's Office Trial Skills on developing a defense theory of the case, and brainstorming.

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With the Democratic National Convention on its way to Milwaukee in 2020, our firm will compare and discuss the criminal justice platforms and positions of the Democratic and Republican parties and the various candidates during the 2020 campaign season. The first of an occasional series.

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When police get a search warrant for a property, they have the ability to request what's called a "no-knock" warrant. A no-knock warrant authorizes police to enter that property to search it without having to announce themselves first, which means that they enter by using force.

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