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Any Wisconsin criminal charge is serious. A person found guilty of a crime may have to go to jail or prison, serve probation, or pay a fine. That’s the simple answer to why anyone in this situation needs an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney. The attorneys at Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas specialize in one practice area: criminal defense. That is our sole focus, and the reason why a large portion of our client referrals are from other attorneys, including some of Wisconsin’s highest rated lawyers and law firms. The criminal lawyers at our firm are seen as specialists within Wisconsin’s legal community, with the experience, relationships and expertise to get involved at any stage of a criminal case or investigation, and get good results.


Our attorneys have handled literally every possible Wisconsin criminal case, from criminal traffic tickets and drunk driving charges, to all misdemeanor and felony cases, to homicide, white-collar offenses, and other charges. You can rely upon the experience and track record of Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas in state and federal criminal courts across Wisconsin when you or a loved one is accused of a crime, and have to place your fate in the hands of a criminal law firm. With in-house staff investigation, multilingual capability, and relationships with the best forensic, psychiatric, and other experts, we have a team that can go head-to-head with the government in any criminal case. Our results are our proof.

Ask us about your case when you speak with us. We’ve handled it, and have produced positive outcomes. Our results are our proof.

Types of Other Felony & Misdemeanor Crimes:

  • Armed Robbery

  • Robbery

  • Arson

  • Assault

  • Battery

  • Burglary

  • Car Jacking

  • Embezzlement

  • Fraud, Forgery

  • Gambling Offenses

  • Obstructing an Officer

  • Resisting Arrest

  • Resisting an Officer

  • Terrorist Threats

  • Theft

  • Theft by Fraud

  • Theft by Contractor

  • Warrants

  • White Collar Offenses