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Crisis management and investigations are what we refer to when clients come to Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas at an early stage of a situation requiring our help. In other words, before a charge is filed in court, or sometimes before police are even involved in an investigation or crisis situation. When we are able to get involved early, and affect the process, we can do some of our best work. Some of our most noteworthy results occur in matters that never become public, and that we can’t talk about.


  • The police are trying to contact me. Should I talk to them?

  • My employer is accusing me of theft. What should I do?

  • The U.S. Attorney wants to speak with me. Do I need a lawyer?

  • My child is addicted to drugs and getting expelled from school. How can I get help?

  • I made a mistake, did something wrong, and want to get out of it. How do I do that?

There are really three rules for clients to heed in these situations:

  1. If you think you may need an attorney, you do – get one. Fast.

  2. Do not speak to anyone investigating you.

  3. Don’t take a wait-and-see approach, assuming the issue will go away.


By getting out ahead of these situations, you may be surprised at the results that can be achieved. We’ve represented clients who have committed theft or misappropriation of large money sums from employers, transacted in controlled substances, or run afoul of a variety of other laws, who work out agreements with police or prosecutors and never see a courtroom. We’ve represented clients wrongly accused by police or government agents, and have shut down investigations or convinced prosecutors that they’re after the wrong person. Our experience in criminal cases and investigations gives us the ability to provide counsel and guidance in a confidential setting, and to know what to do.

Call us if you think you may be in trouble. We can help.

Types of Cases:

  • Pre-charging Conferences with DA/US Attorney

  • Police or Government Interviews

  • Government Regulation Compliance

  • Juvenile Delinquency Investigations

  • Property Seizure & Forfeiture Cases

  • State & Federal Lawful Compliance Investigations & Advice


Recent notable investigations handled by Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas across Wisconsin:

  • Sexual Assault of a Child – Racine County (2017): No Charges Filed. High school age client accused of having sex with underage girl. Defense investigation revealed substantial credibility problem with the accuser, and as a result the prosecutor declined to file charges.

  • Felony Theft from Employer – Milwaukee County (2016-18): No Report to Law Enforcement/No Charges Filed. Client diverted over $40,000 of in assets from corporate employer. Defense assisted company investigation, and crafted repayment resolution with no police involvement.  

  • Battery and Disorderly Conduct – Waukesha County (2015): No Charges Filed. Client accused of hitting his wife during domestic argument. Following defense investigation and witness interviews, prosecutor declined to file charges.

  • Intentionally Pointing a Firearm Felony Investigation – Milwaukee County (2015): No Charge Filed. Client arrested and accused of pointing a firearm at another person. Defense investigation focused on exposing inaccurate reports to police by complaining witness. Following sharing results and meeting with prosecution, no charges filed.

  • Possession with Intent to Deliver – Milwaukee County (2014): No Charge Filed. A local university student accused of possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Following investigation and police interaction, law enforcement declined to refer charges for criminal prosecution.

  • Battery – Waukesha County (2014): No Charge Filed. Client accused of hitting boyfriend during car ride home from Thanksgiving dinner. Defense investigation and negotiation resulted in prosecutor declining to file charge.

  • Prostitution/Solicitation – Milwaukee County (2014): Diversion Agreement, No Charge Filed. Client arrested following solicitation of undercover officer posing as a prostitute. No charge filed after client completed therapy program for sexually risky behavior. 

  • Armed Robbery Investigation – Milwaukee County (2014): No Charge Filed. Client arrested and accused of robbing of a currency exchange. Defense investigation focused on verifying inaccurate identification. Following shared investigation result and negotiation, prosecutor declined to file charges.

  • Second Degree Sexual Assault Investigation – Milwaukee County (2014): No Charge Filed. Client accused of sexual assault by complaining witness after she spent the night with him at a local college party. Defense investigation included witness interviews by Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas investigator, and use of polygraph and DNA experts. Prosecution declined to issue charges.

  • Felony Theft from Employer Investigation – Milwaukee County (2012): No Charges Filed. Out-of-court resolution and repayment settlement achieved with insurance company after client stole in excess of $40,000 from her employer. Police investigation avoided, and no criminal charges filed.

  • Felony Theft from Employer Investigation – Milwaukee County (2008): Diversion Agreement. Client stole in excess of $10,000 from her employer, who contacted police for an investigation. Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas managed the police investigation, secured a diversion agreement and prevented criminal charges from being filed.