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Criminal Defense

Every day, Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas takes inquires from people who never thought that they would have to consult with a criminal defense attorney. But who among us doesn’t know someone who’s been in trouble, made a mistake, or needed help? Parents, siblings, employers, and friends callMastantuono Coffee & Thomas to help someone they know through a crisis situation. During those difficult and unsteady moments, clients and their families rely upon our experience and expertise at dealing with this unfamiliar and frightening situation. 


The Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas team takes a dynamic and innovative approach to representing clients and creating positive results. We handle all criminal cases, from felony and misdemeanor charges to traffic and OWI/DUI cases, in state and federal courts. Our team also conducts negotiations with police and government officials during investigations, in addition to crisis management and advocacy for individuals and organizations. With a proven track record at winning cases and negotiations throughout Wisconsin, Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas has earned wide respect and recognition in the Wisconsin legal community.

Call on us. We’ll be there when you – or someone you know – needs help.