Wisconsin Crime & Justice

Defending People in the Heartland of America

Nigel Poor's The San Quentin Project - Milwaukee

We talk a lot these days about mass incarceration, but what does it look like? What goes on inside prison walls? What is life behind bars really like for incarcerated people and those around them? Nigel Poor’s San Quentin Project: the Men of San Quentin State Prison comes to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which opens to the public on October ...

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Prison hallway

We’ve talked about how to prepare and what to expect if you get sent to jail, but how do you avoid going to jail in the first place if you’re charged with a crime, especially if your case is a difficult one, the facts aren’t on your side, you’re caught, and a guilty finding is likely? The key is having ...

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Person holding bottle at sunset

If you live in Wisconsin, you probably celebrate warm weather with a few drinks or a night on the town. We at Mastantuono & Coffee hope the good weather hasn’t led to any serious charges, such as a DUI/OWI, but we also know that mistakes happen. Read on to learn how to handle a drunk driving charge.

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Milwaukee Skyline

Today on Sherwin Hughes' morning show, The Forum, on 860 AM, Craig took calls asking about police-citizen encounters. he promised listeners that he would repost this outline on the limits of warrantless actions by police.

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