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Leah Thomas Aug. 12, 2013

Craig is speaking today in Madison at the Wisconsin State Bar on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in criminal cases, in a program titled Dogs & Cats Working Together. The program description is below, and there still time to sign up to watch the webinar at the State Bar of Wisconsin's website.

Instead of criminal court cases being the ultimate in adversarial contests, the focus is shifting in many jurisdictions to an emphasis on what Chief Justice Abrahamson calls, “Effective justice strategies.” Using risk assessments, collaborative processes, problem-solving courts, and striving to achieve evidence-based decisions, criminal justice professionals are moving toward a new alternative dispute resolution paradigm in criminal cases, and changing the way crime is prosecuted and defended. These ADR methods are the current cutting edge in resolving criminal defense cases effectively, while addressing public safety concerns and giving people a chance to move forward in their lives without a criminal record. Learn more about the new ADR model in Milwaukee County and statewide, and gain insight into when and how an ADR approach can best serve your client in a criminal case.

Read the outline Craig created for the Alternative Dispute Resolution in Criminal Cases presentation.