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Craig Mastantuono Sept. 14, 2010

Mastantuono Law Office appeared before the Wisconsin Supreme Court for oral argument over a defendant’s right to have legal counsel today, which Mastantuono Law argued was denied to our client in this case. See video of Mastantuono Law arguing before the Wisconsin Supreme Court live here.

The issue developed when Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department detectives brought our client to an interrogation room prior to his initial appearance in Sheboygan Circuit Court. After approximately 25 minutes of questioning aimed at getting him to talk to police without his lawyers present, detectives obtained a statement from him. He was then brought to court for his initial appearance, where counsel from this office awaited him. Mastantuono Law Office filed a motion seeking to suppress the statement, on the basis that the police conduct violated the defendant’s constitutional right to counsel. The trial court agreed, suppressing the statement, and the State appealed to the Court of Appeals, which reversed the trial court decision on the basis of a recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court. The Wisconsin Supreme Court granted the defense petition for review, and proceeded to oral argument today. We anticipate a decision in the near future.