Adriana Bravo

Helping People Overcome Their Problems

Because our approach at Mastantuono & Coffee is to help people overcome their problems, we invest extensive resources and staff time counseling our clients and guiding them through the unfamiliar process involved in a court case or investigation. 

Adriana brings her customer service skills to these efforts, ensuring consistency and attention to our client service. We understand that questions and concerns arise outside of attorney meetings. If an attorney is unavailable when you call, Adriana will do her best to assist you and route a message directly to your attorney. This connection to our clients produces better case results. Also fluent in Spanish, she assists our clients with referrals for treatment services, with monitoring deferred prosecution and diversion agreements, and attending to a variety of other legal needs.

Making our clients feel comfortable in our office and creating a welcoming environment is one way that I contribute to our team. They need to be comfortable calling and coming in to the office and sharing their concerns with us, and I help create a space where that communication is welcome.