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Leah Thomas March 20, 2020

The Wisconsin DMV is responding to the Coronavirus, and Wisconsin drivers should be prepared and know where they stand. All DMV locations are closed today 3/20/2020 for deep cleaning, and starting Monday 2/23/2020 will only be open for limited purposes. One thing you can’t do right now: renew your driver’s license if it is expiring in the next 60 days. What to do? Wait. According to the DMV’s website:

Driver licenses and CDLs that expire during this public health emergency will be automatically extended 60 days. Late fees will be waived. The driver record, visible to law enforcement, will show the extension and that the driver license is valid.

The DMV is also cancelling all road tests and in-person administrative review hearings, which effect those recently arrested for operating while intoxicated. When someone is arrested for drunk driving and they submit to a breath or blood test, the DMV has the authority to suspend their drivers license once the test result is received. There is a short window of 10 or 13 days to request a hearing, or the opportunity is lost. That hearing is called an administrative hearing, which is conducted by DMV staff, and is separate from the court case itself. Mastantuono & Coffee represents clients in these hearings and has won many of them, preserving our client’s driving privileges while their court case is pending. Anyone who has recently been arrested for drunk driving should still call our office immediately for representation, as we can request that the administrative review hearing be conducted by phone.

For those with other DMV needs, the services available when they reopen on Monday will be limited to new driver’s licenses and issuing identification cards. Anyone looking to visit the DMV should make an appointment with the Driver License Guide (wisconsindmv.gov/DLGuide), which the DMV advises can also be used to begin the paperwork and submit it electronically.

The Wisconsin DMV also offers a variety of services online, which can be accessed on their website.

Read the DMV press release here